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Sports/Race Photo package- Starting $125

Spans the duration of your sports game or motorsports event, including pre and post event activity*

  • 5 hours
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Service Description

This package offers a fixed rate as opposed to hourly pricing for sporting events over 2 hours long. Includes photo coverage of you, your/team crew and car if desired and applicable to your event, and whoever else you wish to be photographed. Pick 40 of your favorite photos for us to edit-we may allow you to choose more depending on the event and circumstances, (or if you're very pleasant to work with!) Includes additional retouching on any two photos of your choice, such as blemish removal, special effects such as selective color, photo blending, or text overlays for example. *Covers pre and post-game activities, up to 5 hours total. This time is approximate and we understand if it goes over by several minutes. This time also does not count until we are setup and ready. If your event is delayed due to weather or other activities, we will do our best to stay until its completion. This does not include delays beyond 2 hours or postponements to another date. In that case we may offer a partial refund, or return for a discounted price. You are expected to cover and provide the appropriate entry and access for the event, such as ticket, media credentials, pit pass etc. for our photographer(s) to gain access. This is not included in our price. Please have this arranged and ready for us before we arrive. Events over 70 miles away will include higher pricing due to travel costs unless the additional travel is provided by the client. Note: If a minimum of 40 photos cannot be taken due to acts of nature or other uncontrollable circumstances that are no fault of our own, we may offer a partial refund or additional service to supplement the unfulfilled amount, however we will not refund your deposit once we have arrived and begun photographing your event. We care about the safety of our employees/contractors, and we reserve the right to cease activities and leave the event in the case that our crew is endangered or threatened in a manner that is not typical and unrelated to the event. Unless you (our client) have caused this issue, you will receive a refund minus your deposit if that is the case.

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Ocala, FL, USA

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